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Platelet Rich Plasma Injections (PRP) for Achilles Tendonitis

Dr. Attaman is pleased to offer Regenexx SD, the most advanced regenerative injection therapy in the Seattle area. We are the only clinic in Washington state licensed to use the Regenexx SD process. Read on to learn more about treatment options.

How PRP May Help with Achilles Tendonitis

If achilles tendonitis has made it difficult for you to walk, run, or function normally – and if medications, braces, splints, and other therapies have proven ineffective – then you might consider PRP therapy as an alternative to surgery.

For 40 years we’ve known that PRP therapy is highly effective for achilles tendonitis and other ankle conditions. We use a highly concentrated dose of your own platelets to encourage natural healing processes to correct tendonitis and other chronic conditions.

Your platelets contain “healing factors” that allow the torn tendon to regrow and repair itself. Essentially, we trick the body into thinking this old, chronic injury is new.  Then, then, via injection, we deliver to the injury up to ten times the natural healing factors it would receive if the body were left to its own devices.

We are able to offer this healing with few side effects because we are using your platelets. We extract them while you are here at the office, and then use a centrifuge to concentrate them. A small injection typically causes very little pain, though you might feel some tenderness and inflammation. This inflammation is a version of the inflammation your body would have attempted to heal the injury in the first place; however, in this case it’s far more effective and useful.

Safe and Cost-Effective

Our office uses x-ray guidance to ensure precise needle placement. This further reduces the risk of side-effects and allows us to offer better patient outcomes than offices that have failed to invest in the technologies to allow them to do this. Everyone is different. It helps to know exactly how your achilles tendon is configured before we issue the therapy.

PRP therapy is also less expensive than many alternatives. Your blood costs less than steroids or other drugs, and it certainly costs less than surgical alternatives.

This therapy is especially helpful to athletes who want to get on their feet quickly. The achilles tendon may be very strong, but it also undergoes a lot of stress, especially while you’re exercising or playing sports. Believe it or not, achilles tendonitis is actually a very common affliction. Of course, direct trauma is not the only reason for the condition.

Get Help

If you have chronic achilles it is very important to address your condition as soon as possible. Achilles tendonitis tends to be degenerative…that is, it tends to grow worse over time. The faster you address the issue the better your chances of avoiding surgery. Contact our office oday to find out if you’d be a good candidate for this safe, effective therapy.

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