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PRP Therapy

Regenexx SCP platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy is being offered by Dr. Attaman in Seattle and Bellevue.  Feel free to call us at 206-395-4422 (Seattle) or 425-247-3359 (Bellevue), or schedule an appointment online.

We are Washington’s only licensed Regenexx network clinic. Regenexx SCP is the most advanced form of PRP available in the world with the most research to support its use.


Regenexx SCP platelet rich plasma therapy is an injection of a concentrated mixture of the patient’s own blood. Platelet Rich Plasma injections have been shown to relieve acute and chronic pain and accelerate healing of injured tissues and joints. The injured tissues are often healed by Regenexx SCP platelet rich plasma therapy, in contrast to steroid injections which generally suppress symptoms. Many patient turn to Regenexx SCP platelet rich plasma because it is a way to heal damaged tissue, and because more conventional treatments such as steroid injections and surgery have failed them in the past. However, some physicians and patients believe the best pathway is to treat damaged tissues with Platelet Rich Plasma therapy before steroid injections or surgery are attempted! That said, no treatment is ideal for all conditions, and a comprehensive clinical consultation is required to know whether Regenexx SCP platelet rich plasma is good for your particular issues. If Regenexx SCP platelet rich plasma is not for you, Dr. Attaman has many other treatment options that are likely to be appropriate.

Can It Help Me?

Conditions aided by Regenexx SCP platelet rich plasma include chronic back pain, chronic knee pain, achilles tendonitisplantar fasciitis, meniscus tears, osteoarthritis of the spine, sacroiliac joint hyper mobility, hip and knee injuries, ligament sprains, rotator cuff tears, lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow), medial epicondylitis (golfer’s elbow), and tendon injuries (tendonopathy). Platelet Rich Plasma therapy can also be applied to many other locations in the body.


Benefits of Regenexx SCP Platelet Rich Plasma

The limited blood supply and poor healing properties of ligaments, cartilage and tendons may make treatment necessary after injury. Unlike medications that don’t treat the underlying cause of pain, Platelet Rich Plasma can accelerate the healing process – eliminating the cause of pain.

What will I experience during the procedure?

The Platelet Rich Plasma process begins by taking a sample of the patient’s blood from their vein. Most physicians take a very small sample of 5-10 mL. Such a small sample is easier to obtain and process, but results in a poorly concentrated Platelet Rich Plasma solution. In contrast, Dr. Attaman takes a minimum 60 mL sample up to 240 mL; this allows Dr. Attaman to produces a VERY concentrated Platelet Rich Plasma injectate very dense in platelets and healing factors. The blood sample is then processed using the patented Regenexx SCP platelet rich plasma protocol in our laboratory. Our laboratory is state of the art and more advanced than almost all others in the state.

We use this laboratory to separate the blood into its primary components – platelets and white blood cells, plasma, and red blood cells. Our laboratory includes a clean hood, centrifuges, cell counters and microscopes. Using the patented Regenexx SCP platelet rich plasma process, we concentrate the platelets to a very concentrated form for re-injection.

Injecting the Solution

A portion of the plasma is removed. The patient’s concentrated platelets are mixed with the remaining plasma to form a concentrated solution. This platelet rich solution is then injected into and around the injured tissues. Most physicians perform these injections “blindly,” which means the injections are done without any sort of image guidance. Such physicians will often suggest 5 or more Platelet Rich Plasma injections are required. They require so many injections simply because they are missing the target most of the time.

In contrast, Dr. Attaman performs all Platelet Rich Plasma injections using ultrasound or X-ray image guidance. This allows for much enhanced safety, accuracy, and efficacy. Generally only 1-2 Platelet Rich Plasma injection treatments are needed. Dr. Attaman can directly visualize the damaged tissues under ultrasound, and ensure that 100% of the Platelet Rich Plasma is deposited into injured tissue only. This also allows Dr. Attaman to perform an advanced technique called needle tenotomy, which is when the needle is used to break up scar and calcium deposits in the injured tissue, and prepare the tissue for better healing.

The Body Reacts

The concentrated platelets release many growth factors that promote a natural immune response. Macrophages – specialized white blood cells – rush in to remove damaged cells and prepare the tissue for healing.

Stem cells and other cells multiply, repair and rebuild the damaged tissue. This accelerated healing response reduces pain, promotes increased strength, and improves joint function. Healing after Platelet Rich Plasma therapy occurs over a period of many weeks. Generally patients will not see significant changes in their chronic pain until the 6-12 week mark. Some people obtain relief faster than this but this is generally an exception.


Long-term Outcome

The entire Platelet Rich Plasma treatment process takes about an hour – the patient will be able to go home the same day. Full recovery from the injection usually occurs within three days of the procedure. Specialized physical therapy is often prescribed after Platelet Rich Plasma injection to accelerate the healing process. Many patients require one to two treatments before the injured tissues are completely healed and they return to a normal active lifestyle. The good news is that some studies indicate that the healing process continues for as long as a year after Platelet Rich Plasma injection therapy, and possibly beyond. This suggests that as time goes on after Platelet Rich Plasma injection therapy, the treated tissues continue to get healthier and stronger.